The moderate level class is the early class and includes standing and mat work lying on your back and stomach. It's slightly more challenging than the gentle/beginner level.

The gentle/beginner level class includes more seated chair exercises, standing, and some mat work lying on your back and stomach. Chairs are used for support in balancing and other poses. 

The restorative/yin class is a slow paced style of yoga that is mostly mat work lying on your back or stomach and using more props. Gentle poses are held for longer periods of time, and longer periods of silence. Restorative/yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Open to all levels.

We stretch for 60 minutes, then rest and restore for 10 minutes in each class.

Fees ~ All Classes are $5.00 until July 1. At that time, the fee will be $6.00

It's a pay as you go system. The first class is free.

Weekly Schedule

Monday - Instructor: Mary Ann Dietschler

Moderate level  - 8:15

Gentle  -  11:30

Tuesday & Thursday - Instructor: Loretta Yargeau


Wednesday - Instructor: Mary Ann Dietschler

Moderate level  - 8:15

Gentle class - 9:30

Thursday - No classes

Friday - Instructor: Mary Ann Dietschler

Restorative/yin  - 8:15

Class Cancellation policy

We follow the Agawam school cancellation schedule. If there is a two hour delay, the early classes are cancelled, but the Monday morning gentle class at 11:30 will meet.  If in doubt about the Tuesday afternoon class, contact the instructor.

Location: Classes are at the Agawam Senior Center, 954 Main Street (Route 159)
All MA and CT residents are welcome to join.

Yoga for Boomers...and beyond

                        who want to remain strong, flexible, and active well into their senior years.