Yoga for Boomers...and beyond

                        who want to remain strong, flexible, and active well into their senior years.

TGIT........Thank God It's Tuesday.  That's how I feel every week knowing I'll be going to Loretta's yoga class.  The 4:30 session works with my schedule and I am able to stop in on my way home from work. Loretta's kind and welcoming spirit makes her class comfortable for everyone........from the beginner to the more experienced.She patiently models and adjusts poses to make them challenging for all ability levels.  Loretta's knowledge and love of yoga combined with her great sense of humor provide for a very fun class.  We leave feeling strengthened and refreshed in body and spirit.


Four years ago, I was introduced to Yoga for Boomers and Beyond by a dear friend and was immediately attracted to the physical and mental relaxation. Regular yoga classes have improved my flexibility, reduced tension, increased my body awareness, and helped me heal quicker from soreness and injury.

For me, yoga is a practice in living. It is compassion, kindness, positivity, gratitude, acceptance, love, present-moment-awareness… and so much more.


It’s my observation that no one escapes the aging process without something—bad knees, arthritic hands—and on and on. Yoga makes whatever is challenged better, and whatever still works fine, stronger! For me, it is not a choice! I will age gracefully. I owe that to all those I love AND myself.

My osteoporosis is arrested and I have no doubt Yoga is the reason, (more to come after the bone scan).
This class is fabulous. We care about each other. We laugh and gain tons of information!
Our YOGI is simply the best. I’ve yet to find another class where the teacher knows what is needed, how to teach it, and so humble. Thank you, Mary Ann many times over.                                       


7+ years, and looking forward to the next seven!

Yoga has allowed me to live more comfortably with my limitations as I age.  If I miss a class, I feel pain and stiffness in my body.  Mary Ann's devotion to yoga and to her students is remarkable.  Equally important is the tenor she sets for the class: one of acceptance, inclusion, and encouragement.  In addition, this outlook has fostered enduring friendships among the participants.....what a gift for us.   Judy C.

"Mary Ann, ever since I started taking your yoga classes, I feel so much better."Marie

"I just returned from my third class with Mary Ann.  I cannot tell you how much better I feel.  I cannot do all movements in the class - yet! - but I am trying and I do feel a difference!"  Alicia