Yoga for Boomers...and beyond

                        who want to remain strong, flexible, and active well into their senior years.

I chose yoga because it's a safe weight bearing exercise. And I wanted to remain strong, flexible, and active well into my senior years. There are many things I love about yoga. I love the way I feel and the way I breathe when I leave class. I love the way aches and pains disappear after practice. I love feeling strong and flexible. I love hearing good reports from my fellow yogis.  But mostly, I love the people I am privileged to practice yoga with every week. More than a yoga class, they are a community of the finest, most welcoming, caring, sharing men and women ever assembled. I consider it an honor to be their instructor.

Looking for an afternoon class? Then you’ll want to attend Loretta Yargeau’s class every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30. Loretta is an excellent teacher who works with her students to learn basic poses that will improve balance, and increase strength and flexibility.

She's calm, gentle, and compassionate with a great sense of humor, so her classes are fun. Loretta helps students transition from pose to pose gradually with an emphasis on alignment, breathing and lengthening.

The pace of Loretta’s class is relaxed. This allows people of different physical ability and experience levels to feel comfortable and participate. If a pose is not available to you, Loretta will show you how to modify. She may suggest the use of props, which will enable you to ease into the pose gradually.

As in all classes, Loretta allows a time to relax and restore with soothing music after each session.  

Loretta Yargeau

Certified Yoga Instructor

When I was a full-time life coach, I worked with clients who wanted to transition from where they were to where they wanted to be. Together, we designed fail-proof environments to ensure success.

During my coaching days, I wasn't exercising. I knew I should but...well, you know, I was busy, at least that was one of my many excuses. And then I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. The doctor said weight bearing exercises could halt and possible reverse it. That's when I decided to create my own fail-proof environment by training as a yoga instructor. As the instructor, I would have to show up, no more excuses. It worked!  I started teaching yoga in 2005. Today, I practice five times each week and it must be working because this is a snippet of a conversation I had with my doctor after my last bone scan.

"Mrs. Dietschler, there are few women your age who have stronger bones than you. You're in the 95th percentile. What do you take?"

"I don't take anything." I said. "I do yoga."

"Amazing." He said.

 Mary Ann Dietschler

Certified Yoga Instructor